How to Wear Your Versatile Mink Fur Coat for Every Occasion


Sporting events, galas, weddings, and date nights do not seem to have so much in common, but there is an underlying theme that connects them all. On each of these events, deciding what to wear can be quite a tricky task even to the seasoned and accomplished fashionista. One of the common social blunders is being underdressed for an upscale event or overdressed for a casual one. Thanks to the fashionably dexterous real mink fur coats, you can look like a million bucks for every occasion.

Luxurious Black-Tie, Gala Evening

When attending a black-tie formal wear event, you can perfectly showcase your beautiful, mink fur coat. The beauty with long furs is that they are dramatic and can make a bold statement. They work well with cocktail dresses, long gowns, and elegant separates. What more! You can channel your inner diva by accessorizing your look with bejeweled clutches, white gloves, and extravagant jewelry.

Even though mink fur coats to formal events are usually full length, you can also wear fur stoles or wraps which look as elegant. Ensure you don’t lose the goal, always keep your style alluring.

Business After-Hours or Cocktail Party

For after-hour events, go for modern, playful looks with pops of color. When invited to a chic happy hour or cocktail party, show off your personality with casual dressing. The best starting point is to have your little black dress which you can pair it up with a bold statement necklace. A fur wrap, or jacket can go a long way in giving you that smart look. Length and color are the valuables to watch in such events. Full length furs are considered great for fancy evenings while other items such as fur wraps, jackets, and vests are considered perfect for dressier occasions.

Family Gettogethers or Casual Outings with Friends

Fashion is all about breaking myths and old standards. One of the greatest misconceptions about fur coats is that they are only appropriate for after-hours or fancy occasions. It doesn’t really matter whether you are spending time with family and friends or running to the store, your fashion style should stay inviting and fun. Fur vests are excellent for Saturday afternoon errands and when paired with blue jeans and a crisp white shirt, they can easily make up for chilly spring days.

Outdoor Events or Sports Outings

Despite being a luxury fabric, fur is also practical and durable. This is why fur coats are a great choice for sporty outdoor looks. Hockey or football games are famous for their chilly temperatures. To beat this, pair your casual mink fur coat with your favorite team jersey. When heating the slopes, less is more. Stick with a slim fur jacket or coat to ensure your mobility is not limited. You can also go for fur snow boots to keep your feet dry all day.

Mink fur coats are therefore a versatile, go-to piece that can enhance and elevate any outfit irrespective of the occasion. Real fur always looks good and doesn’t have harsh chemicals or toxic plastics.


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