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Eden By Naomi Neoh: The Elegant & Modern 2017 Bridal Collection


The New Year is gone and it is the perfect opportunity to showcase the amazingly stunning 2017 collection from Naomi Neoh, an amazing British designer. Just as the name of the collection suggests, her Eden collection is just heavenly at Riki Dalal.

Ever since the flagship London showroom opened its doors in Pimlico, London earlier in the year, Naomi has moved from strength to strength. The showroom is a very relaxing and welcoming space where you get to choose your Naomi Neoh gown with an expert stylist guiding you.

The Eden collection means that the showroom will be busier than ever. Naomi has chosen to create a collection of lovely bridal layers for 2017. The layers will be beautiful separates that make it easy for you to style your look. To achieve that graceful, smooth silhouette you can start with a corseted crepe under-dress incorporating lightweight hidden corsetry and you can complete the look by choosing your pieces. Lace and silk over-layers, delicately beaded sashes, lovely silk corsages, delightful camisoles, French lace jackets, and the lightest diaphanous skirts are all excellent options you can use. To create a bridal ensemble that will suit your styles in the best way possible, mix and match pieces with the knowledge that you will feel and look great regardless of your choice.

Naomi states that she designs her work taking into consideration both the outside and inside to ensure that women of different body types can wear the gowns. She explains that the internal corsetry helps brides feel and look amazing on their wedding day. She says that she would like brides that wear her gowns to feel as great as they look in their dresses. She does not wish for brides to feel like the dresses are wearing them. The new separates are stationed alongside her classic designs from past collections.

You will find slimmer flowing styles and full-skirted dresses and you can easily recognize her designs because of their flowing chiffon skirts. Naomi explains that she finds inspiration in everything and that she loves collecting flowers, photographs, trims, and bits of fabric wherever she goes. She collects everything together and draws inspiration from shapes, colors, and textures and her ideas start flowing from there.

The 2017 Eden collection from Naomi reveals exactly how smoothly the design process works. She reveals that she loves the Poppy skirt particularly when combined with the Poppy camisole. She considers this combination perfect for a summer wedding. She also reveals that she loves the Ayla jacket since she loves the long sleeved look. She also believes that Saffron and Margot are simply amazing and cannot wait to see someone dancing in the beautiful sublime skirts.

However, the best thing is that you can choose to combine pieces from the Eden collection in the way you want. The beauty, flexibility, and perfection of the pieces are incredible.
Naomi Neoh wedding dresses start at £1580 and can run up to £3000. Besides the London showroom, you can find Naomi Neoh wedding gowns from stockists all over the UK.

Top Three Shoe Trends For The Fall And Winter


Image result for shoes for womenBuying new shoes might not be a priority for you at the moment. You might still be relaxing at the beach and be content to wear your sandals. You might be enjoying a trip to the mountains and need the comfort of your snow boots with Franchetti Bond. But it is time to start thinking about Fall and Winter fashion, and more precisely about the items you need to add to your wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends. If you have not been keeping up with fashion and shoe trends for Fall Winter 2016-2017, here is everything you need to know about the shoe designs you need to have in your closet.

Lace-up Victorian inspired booties

These classy booties are a must-have item for this upcoming Winter. These ankle boots are inspired by Victorian fashion and extremely feminine. You can make them work with any outfit, even the more gritty rock n roll inspired ones. The mid heel makes Victorian booties the perfect work shoe.

Combat boots

Did you see Selena Gomez’s outfit at the Met Gala? You probably noticed her combat boots. These chunky and heavy boots are back in style and it is up to you to make them work with your favourite girly outfits. Combat boots work surprisingly well with a light dress or with skinny jeans. You can choose combat boots with a high heel if you don’t really like the chunky soles.

Velvet boots

These boots are the classiest way to stay warm during the cold winter months. We have already seen a tonne of velvet boots on the catwalk and this is going to be one of the main trends of the Winter. You can find a wide range of colours and designs but velvet is one of the recurring materials. You can opt for high boots or ankle booties depending on what you like best and on what would work will with the outfits you already own.

Is Jewelry Repair the Best Valentine’s Day Gift?


Consumers are expected to spend $18.2 billion this Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF),. As amazing as this figure sounds, it would actually be a decrease from the $19.7 billion Valentine’s Day shoppers spent last year. The NRF estimates that consumers will spend an average of $136.57 in Valentine’s Day gifts in 2017.


The idea of spending nearly $137 on a gift is an unrealistic one for many people. We recommend jewelry repair as a relatively inexpensive gift option that your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse will love. Here are four arguments in favor of jewelry repair as the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Low Cost

As mentioned earlier, jewelry repair in jewelry stores is one of the least expensive gifts you can get this Valentine’s Day. The prices for diamond and gold jewelry can reach the thousands, while other popular gift options like furs and cars can cost even more. By contrast, repair prices for jewelry are significantly cheaper. For instance, you can get a ring resized, a broken chain soldered or a clasp replaced at a fraction of the cost while still allowing you to present a high quality Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one. Best of all, it allows you the opportunity to spend money on other gifts like a fancy, romantic dinner for you and your partner to enjoy.

High Skill

Despite its low cost, jewelry repair is a service that demands a high level of craftsmanship. The type of repair work that’s done at a reputable jewelry repair shop is often quite specialized. For instance, if you need a ring resized you’ll likely deal with a resizing expert with years of experience in that role. Moreover, these experts can get the job done effectively and efficiently. In many cases, the jewelry repair work is done on-site and can be completed while you wait. This affords you as the customer the time to arrange other elements of your romantic day without having to worry about the state of your jewelry repair.

Sentimental Value

Many of us have a favorite piece of jewelry that we love to wear often. Perhaps it has some degree of sentimental value due to being a heirloom passed down in your family or a gift you personally treasure because of who gave it to you and the conditions under which he or she gave it to you. Therefore, it’s disappointing when that piece shows signs of wear and tear. Such signs may include dirt or scratches that cause the piece to lose its original luster, or when the clasp or chain on your favorite necklace or bracelet breaks. Take heart, however: these signs of decay can be reversed thanks to a skilled jewelry repairer who can restore the piece to its original condition.

Investment Protection
If you have an antique or older piece of jewelry you inherited or has been passed down in the family, you’ll likely be extremely reluctant to part with it. Typically, older pieces of jewelry have financial value that may cause you not to wear or display it as often as you’d like in order to protect it from damage. A jewelry repair shop can fix any irregularities or flaws with a particular piece so that it’ll be as good as new. As a result, you may be able to enjoy the jewelry for years to come, pass it down to your own children or sell it for a profit in the future. In any event, jewelry repair is an investment that truly pays for itself!


Top tips to market your Fashion Brand in China


Smiley develops in China with Hit mold association

The new line will be accessible to fans and fashionistas through Hit’s Just stores in an arrangement that takes after the fruitful dispatch with Chose a year ago.

Smiley has cooperated with Hit Gathering to dispatch another clothing accumulation for spring/summer 2017.

The new line will be accessible to fans and fashionistas through Hit’s Just stores in an arrangement that takes after the fruitful dispatch with Chose a year ago.

The new gathering pays reverence to the brand’s central goal to make the ‘world a more joyful place’ with curiously large dresses, lopsided dresses, loose tees and the sky is the limit from there.

Nicolas Loufrani, Chief of Smiley Organization, stated: “After the enormous accomplishment of the Smiley London dispatch with Chose, we are presently working with another awesome brand from the Smash hit aggregate.

“The Smiley studio and Just outline group have thought of an incredible Smiley London gathering that pays tribute to our real roots in road culture. It is dependably an awesome joy to work with a retail gathering where everyone comprehends that the accomplishment of a coordinated effort depends on making a genuine occasion in their stores with an extensive variety of exceptionally inventive items.

“This is the thing that truly draws in clients in this exceptionally aggressive commercial center.”

Hit is one of China’s driving style chains working more than 8,000 stores in more than 300 urban areas all through China.


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The Essential Guide to Omega watches

Fashion Trend


The brand is synonymous with exceptional style and superior functionality. Known for setting new benchmarks in the field of Horology, it often baffles people that it actuallystarted as a one man enterprise. In the last 60+ years, the watch has gone places- in terms of form, utility and even celestial bodies!

To check out some of the most spectacular and innovative Omega watches visit online stores such as Ethos Watch Boutiques – authentic retailers of the luxury watches in India. Due to high demand, there are counterfeit specimens making the rounds and authentic dealers would protect you from falling for one.

Read on to find out ways to spot a real from a counterfeit.

1. Appearance

It is important to do your field work before buying an Omega watch. An informed decision is always a good one. Browse through the various models on display and make an educated choice. It is after all a big decision to buy your own luxury watch. With big decisions, come big responsibilities.

2. Shine

Omega watches are bright and shiny – this is not just their promotional pitch stemming from marketing. There really is a lustre attached to their models. They possess a luminous dial which assists the person wearing it to study them even in a dim ambience. The one major difference between a real Omega watch and its fake counterpart will be the lack of sheen and poor quality material. if physically present in a showroom, the best idea would be to assess the watch against a bright light and then quickly switch the light off. A real Omega watch will hold on to its luminosity for minutes whereas in a fake model, it’ll fade fast.

3. Misspellings and typos

This check goes for everything branded – a misspelling is usually a red signal. Never underestimate the importance of words when it comes to shopping. A “Made in Swiss” instead of a “Made in Switzerland” is a big no-no. Even the instructions and tags should have proper spellings. Run in the other direction if you come in contact with even a single typo, and never, I repeat, never go back.

4. Omega’s fixed serial numbers

One thing to keep in mind regarding Omega watches is that they have an eight-digit serial number unique to them, and them alone. While the vintage watches have their engravings on the interior of the back, modern watches have it in the exterior. Along with the watch, they also feature in the guarantee card that comes with them. It is essential that you cross-check the serial number with the Omega authorities to make sure you have the right one.

5. Omega Vintage Speedmaster

Buying a Vintage Speedmaster is a mammoth task, especially because of the plethora of variations that happened during its initial production, from the first Speedster 2915 made in 1957. The case and the serial number along with the calibre have to be checked thoroughly.

6. Warning signs

When buying vintage watches, it is of utmost significance to look out for warning signs. Omega Vintage watches are tool watches, not dress watches. Hence, it is wise to look out for features that speak otherwise. An over polished case, new or badly damaged dial or a water damaged movement are the things that will stop me from buying a watch that very instant.

7. Things of utmost importance

While checking for the originality of a watch, is it important to cross-check the features of importance, in an order. When value is concerned, the features of importance are the dial, the case, the movement, the bezel and the hands.

Pay attention, fellow readers. These pointers are not just important to make sure you don’t get robbed, but also to ensure that the experience is a lovely one.

How to Update Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank


Shopping for a modern wardrobe can definitely get spendy, especially with trends changing seasonally. If you want to save some money and still look great, here are a few tips to update without breaking the bank.

Don’t Buy the Same Pieces

If you’re working with a tight budget, prioritizing your wardrobe needs is a must. If you have dozens of basic tees and black pants, you clearly have a go-to style, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to go doe-eyed over another basic tee and pair of black pants.

If you want to update your wardrobe, start by making a list of the items you already have, especially those that you have multiples of. This can help you figure out which gaps you need to fill and stop you from wasting your budget on unneeded items.

Where to Skimp and Splurge

There is just no reason to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a white tee when you can get virtually the same thing for just a few bucks. If you can find deals on basics like jeans and tees, you’ll have a little extra dough to splurge on that special sweater, blazer, or pair of pumps that will amp up your foundational pieces.

Get Thrifty

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing gently used clothing to fill out your wardrobe. It can be a great way to find steals on pieces you don’t have, and in some cases, high-end items you might not otherwise be able to afford. Can’t find the perfect size? When you get a pair of jeans for $10 you can afford to take them to your local alterations store for nips and tucks to fit you perfectly.

Wear Old Pieces in New Ways

There are always going to be garments that have sentimental value that you don’t want to give up, so think about using them in new ways. Instead of doing away with that V-neck you’ve worn to a soft patina, put it on backward to make it a crewneck with an open back and add a long necklace.

Instead of resigning your dad’s old, oversized “world’s greatest farter I mean father shirt” to sleepwear, upcycle by transforming it into a cool, new skirt. Crop your jeans and add fringe to the bottom. Sew some modern patches on your old bomber jacket or on handbags. These updates can make old pieces new again.

Swap with Friends

Chances are you’re not alone in wanting to get a snappy new wardrobe without spending a ton of dough in the process. If you can get a group of friends together for a clothing swap, you can all show up with gently used items to trade. Everyone can pick a few pieces they want to add to their own wardrobe and whatever is left can be donated to charity.

A Royal Style Guide


As our longest serving monarch, HRH Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 65 years. Leading our country with grace, duty and always dignity, she marked her sapphire jubilee fashionably as always.

Her impeccable fashion has gained so much attention over the years and not a day goes by when she doesn’t look polished to perfection. At every royal engagement, she leaves us wondering just how she achieves her effortlessly sophisticated look. What are her top style secrets?

The Great British Weather
With the Great British weather continuously living up to its unreliable name, the Queen must be appropriately dressed whatever the weather brings. What can start out as a warm summers day, can easily turn to rain and wind. Whilst continuing to look stylish at every royal engagement, her wardrobe must be suitable for all weathers.

Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth has a team of experts that test the fabric of her dresses and coats with electric fans, to ensure it can withstand strong winds. They gauge the fabric on how the material moves in the breeze created by the fans. In some cases, small curtain weights are concealed in the hem of the fabric to reduce movement.

And not forgetting Britain’s high chance of rain. The Queen is the Queen of umbrellas. Her go-to choice is always a birdcage-style ladies umbrella, designed and created by Royal Warrant holders, Fulton Umbrellas. They must be transparent so that crowds can see her.

Each of the bespoke umbrellas are designed months in advance from a colour swatch of fabric to ensure they perfectly match the Queen’s outfit. Each of the umbrellas are clear birdcage umbrellas, with a perfectly colour-matched trim.

Colour by occasion
The Queen has never been shy to make a statement, spotted in a rainbow of colours over the years. Little do we know, each colour is carefully chosen for each event, depending on the occasion, location and the last time she wore a similar colour.

At her Diamond Jubilee concert, she wore gold influenced by the Queen Victoria Memorial statue the stage was built around.

She generally wears bright colours so that she stands out in a crowd. If an appointment is taking place in a park, her majesty’s senior dresser makes sure she avoids green shades, for example.

Her colours are monitored to ensure the same shades aren’t repeated too closely together. For example, if she was to wear a lemon-yellow dress early in the year, it would be avoided again for several months.

Perfectly practical
Some of her majesty’s events can often be lengthy appointments, so the practicality of each outfit is a well thought-out process.

Most visits often involved car journeys, or long period of sitting – in this case, each outfit must be made from wrinkle-proof material to ensure her outfit remains pristinely pressed throughout the entire royal appointment. Hats are no exception for those car journeys. Designed by her milliner of choice, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, each hat must not obscure her face, and height is considered for getting in and out of a vehicle.

Again, her footwear must be practical – in some appointments, she could be standing for a lengthy amount of time. For this reason, her heel height is always kept at 2.25 inches precisely for her comfort – often with added insoles.

Her handbags are generally Launer’s Royale and Traviata bags. The longer handle allows for the Queen to shake hands with people with no interference, whilst remaining comfortable alongside her three-quarter length sleeves.

The contents of her purse are determined on weight, the length of time she will be holding it for and the essentials. Although there is no evidence of what is actually inside her majesty’s purse, it is rumoured to contain reading glasses, mints, a compact mirror, lipstick and a fountain pen. She also only carries cash on a Sunday — and it’s always either a £5 or £10 note that is precisely folded.

With so many royal engagements to attend, you can imagine how busy the Queen’s styling team are. Each outfit takes careful designing and consideration – so it’s no wonder the Queen’s dressers keep their own handwritten diaries of each outfit, date and occasion. While the queen will occasionally wear the same outfit again, it’s on a strict rotational basis to ensure it isn’t worn too closely together.

She makes looking impeccable simply effortless. As her reign continues, we can expect to see more of the looks we love — although now we know the secrets behind them!


The Best Designer iPhone Cases of 2017


2017 has already kicked off to be an interesting year. Oscar nominations were announced this morning and you can already anticipate reactions from the fashion world. Nominees and their stylists are already planning amazing gowns and outfits to grace the red carpet on Oscar night. Not only are the Oscars are time to celebrate the film world, but they also put the spotlight on style and fashion. Fashion houses and designers receive an incredible boost of worldwide recognition when an actress wears their creations during awards season; especially on Oscar night and to the after parties. The day after the Oscars, photographs of actors and actresses are splashed across the internet and print magazines. Fashion pundits will discuss and critique not only Oscar gowns and fashion looks, but also accessories such as clutch bags and even iPhone cases. Hollywood and the fashion world have a love affair with the iPhone so it will be no surprise that cute iPhone cases will be on display at the Oscars.


Fashion and tech have truly collided over the past few years. They are two worlds that compliment each other. Both famous designers and small start-up fashion brands alike are designing tech accessories; especially for the iPhone. Designer iPhone cases have never been more popular or in demand as they are in 2017. Back in September, Apple introduced the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus. As with all new iPhone updates, the 7 model was a hit with the fashion crowd. Tech accessories are not only another aspect of a fashion business, but they are also an aesthetic. When designers create iPhone cases, they always keep the silhouette of the phone in mind. Since the iPhone is sleek and understated, it doesn’t make sense to design and manufacture a clunky or bulky case. Even though it’s larger in size, newer iPhones rest easily in the palm of the hand and should be encased in something equally as elegant. In 2017, fashion is not only about clothes, but a woman’s lifestyle. So many of us are glued to our iPhones; answering emails and scrolling through Instagram that it makes perfect sense designers would expand their lines to include tech cases. Style stars and celebrities are often photographed with their iPhones and you can see what cute cases they choose to protect their smartphone.

Fashion at the Oscars sets a precedent for the years new direction in style. What we see on the red carpet often translates into a variation of looks which are later available online and in department stores. Shoppers and fashionables keep in mind what celebrities wear and if they look good in their red carpet creations. From dresses, to designer handbags and shoes, each and every aspect of a celebrity look is important. This year some of the greatest looks and styles include designer iPhone cases. Celebrities are already carrying intricately illustrated designer iPhone cases by PLIA Designs. We expect to see more cases from this fashion brand on the red carpet in coming months. Stay tuned for updates about what iPhone cases we love the most from PLIA Designs.

Say Happy Mother’s Day with the Best Gifts

Mothers Day

It is not easy to buy gifts for the mothers. They don’t express their liking or disliking. They are happy with anything that you buy them. They will never tell you what they need. For this reason, you would not be able to know what your mother needs or secretly desire. This mother’s day, you might face some problem in choosing the right gift for this reason. Any website selling gifts to Delhi will give a countless number of options. You would find numerous things to but for your mother. However, the question remains what would make her happy?



You know what, anything will make your mother happy. However, don’t just stick the normal gifts like kitchen utensils if really want to make her happy. You can buy flower for your mother this mothers day. Now, the question is what flower should buy? You can buy roses for her without any problem. But, color rose will be appropriate for your mother? Red roses are perfect gift to give your mother. Or, you can buy her a bunch of white roses. Sunflower too is a beautiful flower. This flower looks bright and warm. Also, the flower represents anything that is joyous. You can buy a bunch of sunflowers for her this mother’s day too.


It is important to remember that women love bags. Your mother should be no exception either. She would love to receive a bag as a mother’s day gift. You can give her a clutch for parties. There are countless options available online. Or, you can buy a hand bag for her that is more formal and she can use it daily.


Yes, this too is a great gift. Mothers love to decorate the homes. They would be delighted to get a showpiece. How about a Ganpati showpiece this year? This will not only make her smile with happiness, this will bring the positive energy in your home too. You can buy a showpiece of white running horse too. This will boost the energy of your home and bring happiness. Paintings can be a good gift idea. Here also, you can study Vastu and buy a painting accordingly.


Who says mothers don’t love chocolates? They just don’t admit loving them. If you are looking for the right mothers day gifts to Delhi, you can buy chocolate for your mother. She would be delighted to receive a box of chocolates from you. You can get creative with the chocolate box. Instead of giving a traditional chocolate box, you can decorate one. You can also buy a coffee mug and fill it with chocolates and give it to her.

Ice Cream

Now, when you gobble up ice cream do you even remember your mother? She loves this too. Buy a slab of ice cream of her choice. Or, better yet, make a large bowl of different types of ice creams for your mother. This will take her back in time when she was a little girl and everyone pampered her.

Classic Ideas to Own Him this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is really near and you got to be really serious in planning the day with him. You will start planning, cancel some, won’t find a few suitable for him, and finally you would be left hassled. That’s why a proper way of action for that day should be started at least a month ago. Because he is special. And all special people deserves a treat. You can get some nice ideas to buy the valentine gifts for him after reading this article. So, start reading below:


In life when we get certain things or people who does a lot for us and makes our life a complete one. But we often take these people for granted. We ponder more on the shortcomings of these important people and crib for that only completely forgetting they also have something good in them. Now, this time you can think on this line and jot down 100 reasons to love your man and get that as a gift. This is not a task of 1 hour and you would take time to think and narrate all his great qualities. So, do it well beforehand.

Romance should never evaporate from your life because it gives a feel good factor to life. So, among all the romantic ideas, I guess a candle-light dinner is the picture perfect one. May be it is an age old concept of love but some things are classic and never loses the essence. This one is surely going to make the Valentine’s Day a special treat for your boyfriend. Just make some of his favorite snacks, appetizers, and main course meals followed by dessert with good dim lighting. And he is all yours forever.


Red rose is the classic flower of love that expresses the truest feelings of love in the pure way. Get a red rose bouquet for him the moment he wakes up on valentine morning. You can decorate your dining table with petals of red rose. The bathtub can also be filled with rose essential oils and petals of rose. Basically, keep rose as the theme for the day.

You can simply have a day out with your sweetheart boyfriend and enjoy a picnic by the river side on this very special day. Engage him to talks which you hardly get to do in normal days. Just do all those things which you don’t get to do with him like playing with your pet dog and flying dice outside.

Collect some of his pictures from his childhood to school days, college to current time, and prepare a personalized lampshade for him. He would be truly touched with your thoughtful gift idea. Any online gift store would get that done for you.

Last but not the least, write some good lines for him, if possible a poem. Title it as Valentine special gift for you 2017 and frame it on your wall. He would be truly surprised with this unique and cool valentine gift for him.